it's time to exercise ownership over your life.
sweat & equity is a curated weekly edit for the modern multitasker. 
by sharing resources in the fields of sweat 💦(health & wellness, self-improvement) and equity 💸(personal finance, career development), sweat & equity is here to empower you with the inspiration and motivation you need to exercise ownership over life these days — whether you're WFH or OOO.

sweat & equity was born from the realization that prioritizing personal interests, cultivating hobbies and approaching self-care with discipline is essential to succeeding at work, in personal relationships and in life.
sweat equity
[ swɛt ɛkwɪti ] • noun
1. the hard work that someone does to build or improve a business, project, or product that helps to increase its value.

2. the type of investment that measures time and effort put into a project. it is the ownership interest or increased value that results from the owner's hard work.

"sweat equity" refers to a non-financial investment, so rest assured this won't be a newsletter full of product recommendations to splurge on.
instead, with a bit of inspiration and motivation, we can press ahead with positivity in little ways each day - whether that's taking time to evaluate what is (and isn't) working for you in your daily routines, making considered purchases to enhance your quality of life, or simply reading an article or finding a new Instagram account that makes you smile. 
what does this mean?

own the office: how you invest time and energy in yourself impacts the way you show up in your career. connect with resources to help you bring your best self to work and flourish on your own terms.

discipline, not dollars: “sweat equity” refers to a non-financial investment. here, we look to enrich your everyday life in ways that are driven by discipline, not dollars.

100% equity stake, baby: you are your biggest stakeholder, and self-care requires commitment. dedicate time to explore your interests, pursue passion projects and build a life that feels good.
hi! 👋gosh, this is such a weird time.

i'm veena, originally from singapore, recently graduated from yale and now living/working in london. here are two of the many things i miss right now:

1) 💦exercising and working up a good sweat at group fitness classes, and
2) 💸the general sense of ownership over our lives by being out and about, making plans, and doing things we love. 

& i know i'm not the only one.

as a recovering perfectionist and a restless creative, i launched sweat & equity with the aim of sharing resources to help others like me better exercise ownership over their lives.

finally, a note on productivity during COVID-19: we're not here to supercharge your isolation period, when the main thing most of us need is time to wind down and adapt to uncertain circumstances. rather, we're here to share ideas and resources to help you feel empowered on your own terms during a time when most of us feel powerless.

sending lots of love,
veena x